Guarantees - Clean Guarantee

Clean Air, Water, Soil & Energy

Our pledge is that we will invest maximum in Clean Water, Air, Soil & Energy projects. And be active in Restoring the World as God has created it.


Rebuilding The Raindrops

Our Pledge is also to be active involved in any means possible to assure that every Raindrop will be pure and clean again, and not mixed with pulution and Chemtrails.


Clean Investments

Our Pledge is that our investments will be clean and God Fearing. No Investments in companies like Monsanto, or any company underming the interest of the World and World Population.


Clean News

Our Last Pledge is that we will Invest in Specialisted Companies with growth potential  in the field of true Real World News. We will Finance True World News Documentaries. And assure that the present Banana Republic News will be  counter balanced by Independent Real  World News. Expose the Global Warming Hoax, and Ivvolved parties, and used system of Weather Warfare, Chemtrails & HAARP. Expose Agenda 21, Peak Oil, Bilderberg Meetings, and the Club of Rome


CANEI & Audit

Lastly we will appoint Specilists who will take care that a Proces of Continueing And Never Ending Improvement ( CANEI ), is Implimented and Audit to achieve our Goals, and to assure that we will ne teh best in our Field.

We will appoint Specialist Companies who will audit on a Continueing basis the Investmenst of our Hybrid Investment Fund. To assure that our Guarantee of Clean Investment is kept and maintained.