Pre-IPO - House of Brilliance

100xROI Events has hand picked a great "House of Brilliance" at present, which had all the characteristics described at the Perfect Business DNA and many more characteristics explained during the Event 

On this page we will give you only a Glimpse of what Business area this “House of Brilliance” is active. You can also click the Button Above to watch the Video.

The Articles listed below will be only very summier, just to give you a hint. Full explanation will be revealed at the Events. More detailed information is limited in this Pre-IPO Stage to shareholders, which are the Events Attendance, 


Investment Possibility

The Shares are available for Investment, with a Minimum Investment of USD 27,000,000 in 4 different chunks. For this there are VVIP Limited Clean Water Events, and for 2019 VVIP Clean Water Events planned. This are 2 day Events exclusively for Institutional Investors.


Max Investment ( USD 108,000,000 )

The Maximum Investment per Investor with First Rights is Limited to USD 27,000,000. For Larger Investments Investment must be guaranteed by a dedicated Trust, but are limited to max USD 108,000,000. See for this Event Topic - Investments > USD 27,000,000


100 Times ROI

As back-up of the knowledge provided 100 Times ROI Events is giving free 500 shares (Non-Voting Class-C & E) of a new upcoming market leading company ( Example for Bronze Tickets USD 450 ) This Company is planned to list, on the AIM London Stock Exchange by 2021, when these shares will become publicly tradable. The planned opening rate of the share is USD 4.50 what will be guaranteed by max. one extra share.

These shares are with 100 Times ROI Guarantee and guarnteed to raise by the year 2034 towards USD 90.00.  Since the volume is limited to only 250 - 8,000 shares, and are not yet publicly tradable, and to small for OTC trade, the shares are given complimentary. 


Perfect Timing

Each attendee hereby becomes a member of a Network of Pre-IPO Shareholders, of a new born Market Leader. 

Enabled with unique prominent inside knowledge about, not only the developments in the international markets, and financial markets, but also about the planned expansion of the company through a series of Public offerings aiming a Market leading position by 2030. 

Therefore the timing is absolutely perfect, giving each attendee a front row position, as Member of a network of Pre-IPO Shareholders,  in the expansion of the New Potential Market Leader, and to harbor the fruits of a Guaranteed USD 90.00 share value.

The knowledge revealed from the Business case in the second part of the Event, provides a very beneficial insight in the Bench Marks, and Milestones of the unrolling of the New Market Leader, which knowledge can be used for future successful investments, with an outstanding high ROI.


Finest Cosmetic

The "Brilliant Company" will be involved in the High end Finest Cosmetic Line, and also have shareholding position in own manufactoring facility. The Finest Ingredients and most luxurious packeging will be used for branding of this High End Line.


Exclusive Eye Wear

a Complete Collection of Exclusive Eye Wear will be a complementary to the "Houte Couture" Branding Collection


Passionate Fragrance

Aiming at the highest level of Fragrance, most Exclusive High End Ingredients will be used, and the result will be an Top Brand Parfum Line. 

Made to Discover the World

Only the best materials will be used made by the best crafsman to assure a maximum life time. Providing Luxurious enjoyment of this beautifull leather collection


Master Piece DNA

The Business DNA is unpresidented, carefully planned all came together as one of the most unique Master Piece Company, assuring a long lasting integrated Market Share. 

After studying the "Perfect Business DNA" every attendee will recongnise the charactheristics of this company, once explained in full details.


Assuring Fresh Water

A Revolutionary change will be triggered by the new Techniques which will be integrated by this "Brilliant Company" Effecting the life ofalmost every living creature on this plannet. 

The technoligy is revolutionary, but will be also pattented exclusively by this company. The result is a ending in their branche of the on going pulution of our precious water supplies.


Rebuilding the Rain Drops

The technoligy is there, but the company is also comitted to actively invest in hunderds of joint ventures, in water purification plants, rebuilding this way every single rain drop. 

We borrow the plannet from God and from our children.


Made to Shine

Every product is made to shine and to make the person look better and more elegant. 

Finest Yarns, and most exclusive finishing are implimented and part of a unique perfect collection.

Which will touch Billion of users around the world.


Effecting Everyone

Once this is presented to you, it will be almost impossible to denay the impact it will have on everybodies life. The Market is planned to be expanded to 5 Different continents. 

The Impact is beyound a point of comprehension, and we gladly will tell you all about it during the Event.


Own Manufactoring Plants

A serie of Aquisitions are planned and in the process of execution. Which will guaranthee an integrated Market Share. The Manuafactoring plants, will be producing the most modern equipement available in the branche.


Pattented Technoligy

Different Aquisitions make this "Brilliant Company" the holder of an unseen number of pattens, never hold by one single company before. What enables the production of new better equipement with combined technoligy and pattents. 


To Lick Your Fingers

The Providing of free shares and the Exclusive rights to Share Holders, in combination with the set-Up of the financial product, have resulted in a unpresidented superb financial product. 

This Event will change your life, in point of knwledge, but also in combination with the unque possibilities given complimentary with the Event.


As Sweet As Chocolate

the result of decates of hard work, and almost 100 years business expierence resulting on the end into a fantastic financial product, and we assure you, you will enjoy the ride. 

We are very eager to tell you all about it during our Event.


A Veil will be lifted

Exclusively to the Event visitors who all of them become an expert in the investment areas and are also a share holder. More information about the plans and mile stones of the "Brilliant Company" will be given. Unique inside information will be provided. Following the Mile Stones a holder of 200 shares ( Ticket USD 180 ), gets the First Rights to purchase at the IPO, SPO and TPO , allowing during these moments a holder of these shares continuesly having a 195% higher liquidity position then the investment. More will be told during the Event.


A Star is Born

The SPO will be backed up with a huge order portefolio of min USD 6 Billions, assuring an unstopable outroll of this magnificant Company.  A  Star will be Born, which has all the postential to grow to the biggest compnay in the world, based at the today world standards.